The Art of Emotions

Have you ever thought about what you do with your emotions? Sometimes it’s hard to express what we think and feel, but not being able to do this can cause problems for us. This Programme will show you how to use emotions  positive ways and to appreciate  how valuable they are.

So often people react to their emotions by denying or avoiding them.  We invite you to explore your emotions with the support of this unique and enlightening programme. This is an opportunity for you to learn creative methods that you can use every day to translate your emotions into information that will guide you through life. You will be shown ways to;

  • Creatively articulate your thoughts and feelings.
  • Learn how your thoughts effect your emotions and behaviour.
  • Actively use your emotions in ways that will benefit you now and in the future.
  • Use creativity to make a bridge to your unconscious mind.

Learning Resources

  1. Thirteen themed modules with text  and video extracts from Art Clinic workshops.
  2. Interactive activities which can be submitted for feedback.
  3. One to one correspondence with a registered therapist.
  4. Chat icon which allows you to be in contact with us whilst you work.


The activities are a combination of drawing, creative writing, visualisations and discussion. At the end of each exercise you are invited to submit your work. If you choose to submit images you can upload photographs of your drawings.

In response to all submissions you will receive confidential feedback via email. Through this correspondence you will be asked to discuss  your experience of doing the exercises and any themes that emerge for you in the process. To get the most out of the exercises we suggest that you to approach them with an open mind, spontaneity, bravery and honesty.


To access resource materials you will need to register.

Once registered you can view the full programme and use the resources. To access the activities click on the door and key at the end of each chapter. 








For information about how to register press here.