The Art of Emotions

Have you ever thought about what you do with your emotions? Sometimes it’s hard to express what we think and feel, but not being able to do this can cause problems for us.

So often people react to their emotions by denying or avoiding them.

The Art Clinic Liverpool’s Emotional Empowerment Program, will show you how to use emotions in a positive way and to appreciate  how valuable they are. You will be guided to;

  • Creatively express your emotions.
  • Increase your emotional intelligence and vocabulary.
  • Use your emotions in ways that will benefit you.
  • Understand the importance of your thoughts and the impact that they have on your emotions and behavior.

Learning Resources

  1. ‘The Art of Emotions’ book, containing text with video extracts from Dramatherapy workshops.
  2. Interactive resource materials with one to one learning support with Creative Arts Therapist.
  3.  ‘True to Self’ book containing audio monologues about some of the themes covered in the  programme.
  4. Chat icon which allows you to be in contact with us while you work.


Subscriptions for access to the full programme with learning support can be made for an individual, a couple, a friends/family group or an organisation.

For information about how to subscribe and register press here.