The Emotional Empowerment project evolved from a story called The Icing on The Cake. This story was used in drama therapy workshops, where groups explored the themes that it contained. These workshops were not recorded. We covered many subjects including addiction, stigma, illusion, fear and trust.

It was clear from the work that not feeling able to communicate, which was the main theme of the story, is a major hazard to our mental well-being. This influenced the Art Clinic to delve deeper into creative ways to enable people to get in touch with, articulate and use their emotions.

We would like to introduce you to the benefits of story making by using a story making method based on the work of Lahad.

We begin with a character who has a task but encounters an obstacle. The main character finds a helper who supports them in finding a solution

Stories give us the chance to take a journey through the ‘landscapes’ of some of our unconscious material where we can discover what issues we are dealing with that we might not be fully aware of.

Stories give us the opportunity to problem solve and master obstacles. In stories we can accept anxieties without being defeated by them and we can discover our strengths.