Chapter 12 – Using Emotions to Reclaim Your Power

All emotions are beautiful things. Some may feel more beautiful than others but they are all an indication that you are human, you have needs and you may have issues that need to be resolved. Emotions if used well will help you to find these resolutions. They are like a compass that can show you when to stop, when to turn and when to keep going.

At times when we have a strong emotion we can locate the tension that we are feeling from that emotion in the part of our body where we are said to be holding that emotion.

Where we hold emotions in our bodies

The name of our emotions can be difficult to find. And like Rumplestiltskin whilst remaining un-named they can have power over us.

All of the processes that we have covered so far lead show how identifying our emotions is an important process. When we can see them for what they are we can begin to reclaim our power.