The thoughts we have about ourselves have a huge impact on how we feel and this in turn effects how we behave and how we present ourselves. Negative thoughts can hold us back, whereas positive thoughts motivate us. It’s possible to adjust our thoughts, we often hear people saying ‘think positive’. Sometimes this is easier said than done. Especially when you are in the depths of negativity.

Negative thoughts

Effects of negative thoughts

 We can put negative thoughts in context by acknowledging that they are often exaggerated fears rather than truths.  We can shift many of our negative thoughts purely by assessing how valid they really are.

Positive thoughts

Learning to be more aware of our thoughts is a really useful exercise. It takes a bit of practice but will bring valuable long term benefits. We choose our thoughts and positive thoughts are always a worthwhile option. Positive thoughts lift our mood, our energy, our motivation and improve our behaviour.
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