Have you ever heard the story of Rumplestiltskin? Rumplestiltskin was an imp like creature who appeared to a girl who had been locked in a castle and ordered to spin thread into gold. The girl had no powers to turn the thread into gold but was there because has father had lied to the king and said that she could.

Rumplestiltskin turned the thread into gold for her. In return said that he would take her first born child unless she could guess his name. Now clearly Rumplstiltskin is not an easy name to guess. Desperate not to loose her child, he girl followed Rumplestiltskin to where he lived in the forest. There she heard him say his name as he danced around celebrating his expected gain.

Like Rumplestiltskin, the name of our emotions can be difficult to find. And like Rumplestiltskin whilst they remain un-named they can have power over us.

All of the processes that we have covered so far lead show how identifying our emotions is an important process. When we can see them for what they are we can begin to reclaim our power.

At times when we have a strong emotion we can locate the tension that we are feeling from that emotion in the part of our body where we are said to be holding that emotion.

Following your emotions

In this program you have already been introduced to processes that will help you to recognize the impacts of your emotions. You have also been introduced to the idea of having dialogue with your feelings and representing emotions through drawings. Being able to name your emotions is very powerful.

Using focused meditations is a helpful method. This is an exercise that can be done when you have the space and time to take an imagined ‘journey’ to that place in your body where you are holding that emotion.

Rumplestiltskin Meditation

To take part in a meditation you will need to find a space where you will not be disturbed. Meditation is not something that you do. It is something that you allow to take place. You allow the ‘You’ underneath all of your defences, distractions, self talk and labels to emerge in its pure essence. You feel your connectedness to the simple core of life that every living thing is attached to. You experience your own light that shines from within but is sometimes buried under your concerns. Whilst sometimes lifes challenges can make you feel clouded over, this light remains perfect at all times. During meditation this perfect light can help you to see with greater clarity.

During a meditation you may be interrupted by thoughts and concerns. It can help to see these as bubbles that can float on by whilst you connect to your inner light.

To start the meditation, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Begin to breath into the place in your body that is holding your emotion. Do this until you can feel the essence of the emotion. You may want to allow an image that represents it to form in your mind. Continue to imagine that you are taking your breath to the emotion. As you do this think of a word that is the name of that emotion. It may take many tries and many wrong guesses but you will know when you have got the right name of the emotion because your body will ‘feel the truth of the word’. When you are able to give your emotion a suitable name you will feel a release of tension. And whatever your light want to reveal to you will emerge.

The best, and maybe only, way to properly understand this is to do it for real.

How Emotions help us to Reclaim our Power

All emotions are beautiful things. Some may feel more beautiful than others but they are all an indication that you are human, you have needs and you may have issues that need to be resolved. Emotions if used well will help you to find these resolutions. They are like a compass that can show you when to stop when to turn and when to keep going.