This resource pack contains a series of practical activities that support the material contained in Creative Therapy Emotional Empowerment book. It gives you the opportunity for experiential learning to help you to further process the concepts that are covered in the programme. It is advised to read and watch the material for each chapter before completing the exercises. To access resource materials you will need to register.

To access resources click on the door and key at the end of each chapter.



The activities use creative writing and drawing at a level that it is suitable for all abilities. To get the most out of the exercises approach them with an open mind, spontaneity, bravery and honesty. There is an opportunity to ask any questions that you may need to ask to help you to complete the exercises.

At the end of each exercise you are invited to submit your work to The Art Clinic for confidential one-to-one feedback, and further discussion about your experience of doing the exercises.

There is the option of submitting your images. To do this take a photograph of your work and send it as an attachment labeled with the name of the exercise.