The Art Clinic is a Social Enterprise. We deliver projects that are designed to improve skills in health maintenance.

We believe that many health difficulties could be prevented if people could learn more about how to combat stress, process emotions and have lives filled with inspiration.

For this reason we have the Art Clinic Liverpool.

Here is a summary of what we offer.

  • We design and deliver issue-based Creative Art Therapy Workshops.
  • We design and deliver training packages.
  • We produce resources for personal development.
  • We deliver creative arts classes.
  • We performance based productions.

We are a fully inclusive organisation. We are happy to work in partnership with community groups and organisations.

The Art of Emotions
Emotional Empowerment Programme

An Interactive Creative Art Therapy Resource
Link to Art of Emotions
Credits for Art of Emotions Emotional Empowerment Programme.

Men’s Hearts Break

We are currently working with men on an audio-visual project to acknowledge the pain men feel following relationship loss. This issue is rarely discussed and is a significant factor in many cases of male suicide.

Time Soundscape

Click to listen to an audio soundscape about Time

An audio showcase.

Relax and listen in the dark to a magical soundscape of performance poetry, philosophy and drama about the illusive subject of Time.

Click image above to listen to audio soundscape.
Credits for Time Soundscape.

The Bigger Picture Script Reading

Click to watch film about healthy eating

The Bigger Picture film is a recorded, dramatised reading of a script for a theatre play. The script was created through a series of interviews and workshops, which were designed to explore our ‘relationship’ with food.

Click image above to watch film.
Credits for The Bigger Picture Script Reading.

The Art Clinic Library

Take a look at some of the books we have produced.

Icing on The Cake – An Guide to Mental Well-being
Convenient Killers – Justice for food
Sugar Love – A Relationship with Sugar
Stress – A Guide to Dealing with Stress
Taming your Temper – A Guide to Temper Taming for Males
Taming your Temper – A Guide to Temper Taming for Females

Click here to go the the library

Fluid Structures Contemporary Dance

Click to watch Fluid Structures film

Fluid Structures is a semi improvised contemporary dance film with improvised music and spoken word. It was derived from explorations into the dynamics of polarity in the creation of diversity and unity. It is a collaboration of text and movement and musical interpretations of both.

Click image above to watch film.
Credits for Fluid Structures.