The Art Clinic is a Social Enterprise. We deliver projects that are designed to improve skills in health maintenance.

We believe that many health difficulties could be prevented if people could learn more about how to combat stress, process emotions and have lives filled with inspiration.

For this reason we have the Art Clinic Liverpool.

Here is a summary of what we offer.

  • We design and deliver issue based workshops.
  • We design and deliver staff training packages.
  • We offer experiential learning through our art programmes.
  • We produce a range of resources from theatre plays to books.
  • We use creative arts and holistic healing arts as key elements in our work.
  • We deliver art and craft and creative writing classes.
  • We are a fully inclusive organisation and work in partnership with community groups and organisations.
  • This site is currently being developed. Come back soon and see what resources and experiences we have on offer this year.

The Art Clinic Library

Visit the Art Clinic library where you can read the following books:

Icing on The Cake – An Guide to Mental Well-being
Convenient Killers – Justice for food
Sugar Love – A Relationship with Sugar
Stress – A Guide to Dealing with Stress
Taming your Temper – A Guide to Temper Taming for Males
Taming your Temper – A Guide to Temper Taming for Females

Click here to go the the library