Traditional stereotypes of men show them as people who don’t want to reveal weaknesses or deep emotions. Because of this some men feel uncomfortable about speaking about their feelings. Often men that are experiencing a relationship break up find themselves isolated in their pain.

The Men’s Hearts’ Break project allows men to listen to other men speaking about how they felt when their relationships ended.  All of the recordings are real accounts of men’s experiences. Some are read by actors and others by the men themselves.

NB* The work contains extracts of men speaking candidly about feelings of suicide.

Men’s Hearts’ Break

 A series of interviews with men about heart break

Men’s Hearts’ Break
A compilation of stories of coming to terms with, and moving on from broken relationships.


Un-Arranged Marriage 
A story of surviving cultural sacrifice, betrayal and isolation


The following stories are about same sex relationships

Crossing The Fence 
A Story of coming to terms with sexuality and experiencing heart break


Soaring with Britney 
A story of surviving unrequited love, manipulation and despair.


Soldiering On 
A story of wisdom gained through experiencing separation.


A story of surviving a broken heart, cultural restriction and isolation.


My Wife Found Out I Was Gay
A story of surviving loss and finding truth and support.


Project Manager/Editor Michelle Richards
Animation Graphics by Paul Hunt
Sound Recordist Luke Hodgkinson
Compilation Images by Susanne Amara
Voice over Actors: Stuart Davies, Sunil Emjay, Mike Evans, Nicholas Fawdry, Trev Flemming, Luke Hodgkinson, Ben Jones, Luke Moore, Leonodis Pan, Brian Shortall, Jordan Spratt, David Swift

Thank you to all of the men that told us about their experiences.

This Project was funded by The National Lottery


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