Group Dating for Singles in Liverpool

Conscious* dinner dates for groups of single people to eat together and play interactive games in a fun non-pressured environment.

*(Conscious – socially aware, responsive, feeling, thoughtful, discerning, understanding, awake. )

Events are co-hosted by Harrisworks and The Art Clinic Liverpool.

Are you single?

  • Are you frustrated with online dating and looking for an opportunity to meet people face to face?
  • Would you rather interact with other singles in a group environment than have the pressure of a one-to-one date?

If so we invite you to register with us to take part in our Mix & Match conscious group dinner date party events.

What to expect?

You will receive invitations to our monthly Mix & Match Dinner Date Party events.
You will be invited to join up to nine other guests for a delicious two course meal and an evening of sociable, structured, party games.


What happens next?

Following the event you will be asked to complete a form to give us some indication of who you would like to see again and we will Mix & Match.


Application to register with Mix & Match Dinner Date Party Events.

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Our registration process does not include any personal checks. Please use your normal levels of caution to avoid putting yourself in vulnerable situations with strangers.

If you do have concerns about any fellow members with regards to inappropriate behavior, i.e people doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, please inform us.